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Snowcap weed

Snowcap is a potent hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Snow White with Haze. The outcomes are decidedly cerebral best treatment of impotence and erectile dysfunction and should trigger creativity, happiness, and even a case of the giggles.

buy Snowcap’s weed flavor for sale is bright and lemony, with just a hint of menthol. Medical marijuana patients choose this strain to help control symptoms related to anxiety and depression.


  • Depressed 10/10
  • Arthritis 4/10
  • migraines 6/10
  • Pain 2/10
  • stress

The strain prefers to be cultivated indoors or in a greenhouse environment and is known for producing above-average yields. Snowcap Strain review, when cultivated at home, is typically done flowering within 9 -12 weeks after beginning the flowering cycle.

When properly grown and cured, the fully mature “buy snowcap buds” produce a distinct smell of menthol and lemons. Snowcap strain allbud has measured over 23% THCA with caryophyllene, humulene, and myrcene as the most dominant terpenes.

A general disputed second origin story for snowcap strain allbud is that the strain was rooted in the Humboldt Snow strain and crossed with Unknown Haze. This Snowcap is a Sativa-leaning strain that, if cultivated outdoors, has the amplitude to become a much larger plant as to its genetics.

A purported clone-only cutting that’s difficult to have, this snowcap strain allbud is said to have an above-normal yield. Tapping into its Haze gene pool, Snowcap’s flower has been said to have a citrus-centric flavor with a hold of nutmeg, and a propel of vanilla.


Snowcap Strain review

Growers and consumers alike love this aromatic Snowcap Strain review for its easy to cultivate nature and the astonishing potent effects it has on the user. Like the yeti that roams the mountainsides.

Snowcap is shrouded in mystery due to its sparsely documented genetic history. It’s commonly believed to be a hybrid of Humboldt Snow and an unknown Haze cut, though no one can be entirely sure about this legend’s origins except for breeder Grand Daddy Purp.

With soaring THC levels between 21% and 24% and a whopping 4% CBD, this high is a cerebral rush paired beautifully with a full-body unwind that can only be described as heavenly.

  • Highest Test24%
  • Strain Average22.5%
  • Hybrid Average13%

buy snowcap bud has a flavor palate that’s famous on the West Coast, joining bright citrus flavors with minty, almost menthol-like aromas. These nugs are large and olive-toned with a full, fluffy coating of resinous white trichomes and bright carpeting of orange hairs.


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  11. Hong Kong, China
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