Platinum Og


The THC level is 25%

Platinum Og Cultivator: MMG
Platinum Og Flavor: Earthy, wood, pungent
Platinum Og Effects: Relaxation, uplifting, happiness, analgesic, sedative
Platinum Og Activities: Recreation, sleep
Platinum Og Medical Conditions: Stress, anxiety, pain, depression, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia

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Platinum Og Strain Details | Tk Extracts Platinum OG

Platinum OG Strian is just as precious as the metal it’s named after. This Indica-dominant hybrid strain asserts itself as one of the “heaviest” strains around. Platinum OG is purported to stem from three strains: Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unknown parent. Flowers are lime green and plump, with prominent orange hairs and a platinum coating thanks to the abundance of THC crystals. A brief, heady onset settles into powerful physical sedation suitable for nighttime use and pain, stress, or anxiety relief, making this precious strain a robust healer.

Growth Information And Description On Platinum OG

Platinum OG strain reportedly grows to a medium height, producing average-sized yields of silver-trichome coated lime-green buds during a 63-day flowering period. The cannabis strain is also reported to grow best outdoors in a warm, sunny climate; and is resistant to mold, mildew, and diseases. Apothecary Genetics claims the strain tends to produce soothing, body-calming effects and has a flavor of fresh pine nuts.

Platinum OG strain is an Indica-leaning strain bred and available in the Northern California-based Apothecary Genetics. The strain is reportedly a cross of Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third strain of the purple variety – which some belief to be Mendocino Purps, though this is unconfirmed. Apothecary Genetics currently lists their Platinum OG strain as an inbred backcross line (IBL) with an OG Kush male

Effects of Platinum Og| Buy Platinum CBD Online

People love platinum og. More specifically, they buy platinum og because of the effects it has on them. When we talk about the effects of a platinum og strain, we usually first refer to the plant’s psychoactive properties — its ability to make us feel intoxicated. This intoxicating effect is caused by THC, a chemical compound known as a cannabinoid which interacts directly with the body’s endocannabinoid system. Of course, THC does more than just make you feel euphoric. It can also be used to treat pain, inflammation, insomnia, and more.

 Platinum OG strain for sale | Medical Uses For Platinum Kush

 Stress, muscle spasm, spinal nerve pain, body aches, migraines, nausea

Any pent up stress or feeling of anxiety seem to wash away within 30 minutes of medicating with the Platinum OG strain and is followed by a deep wave of psychological relief that begins in the mind and ends with you laying down somewhere comfortable. The Indica in its genetics and high THC percentage makes Platinum OG strain a good strain for boosting appetite, as well as easing upset stomachs

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