Hybrid 50% Sativa /50% Indica

THC: 25%

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oreoz strain

buy Cookies N Cream, also known as “Cookies and Cream,” is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% Indica/50% Sativa) strain created through crossing the special Girl Scout Cookies X Starfighter strains. This bud was the first place hybrid at the 2014 Denver Cannabis Cup, and for good reason.

If you like to order and smoke your Oreo cake sweet and your high power, you’re going to love this tasty little girl. Cookies N Cream for sale has a flavor that’s much like your favorite cookie, with hints of chocolate and nuts as well as sweet vanilla and cream. The aroma is quite much the same but with a slightly pungent twist.

The Cookies N Cream(Oreoz strain) high is long-lasting and relaxed in nature, although it can be overwhelming to some due to its almost overpowering 22-26% average THC level.

It starts with an uplifted euphoric onset that fills your mind with a sense of happiness without causing an increase in energy. As your mind soars into a blissful state, your body will slowly become more and more relaxed, lulling you into a state of calm.

With these remarkable effects, oreoz strain is said to be perfect for treating experienced patients suffering from appetite loss, chronic stress, insomnia, and depression. Cookies and  Cream buds have dense lumpy long bright neon green nugs with light amber hairs and glittering crystal trichomes.

buy Oreo Cake, Chewy, when broken by hand.

  • The nugs break apart easily, yet with some give, almost a reminder of chewy bubble gum.
  • In other words, the buds are leggy leaving trails of broken trichomes falling about when broken down by hand.
  • This of course due to the number of trichomes stretching and being damaged as you break the bud apart.

How to buy and smoke Oreoz strain?

In a medium beaker bong, small snaps at a time. No percolator.

The small snap bowl allows the flower to be enjoyed in one pull without having to relight.

What’s the Oreoz strain effect feel like tho?

Dude let’s keep it a thousand, this is exactly what you need when you are burned out on heavy Indicas or dark weed. As soon as this weed was shown to me.

Immediately, it popped to mind as the perfect plateau buster. Why? Lol, cause it was hecka green. Sativa genetics are the perfect change if you have been smoking heavy Indicas or even hybrids.

The plateau occurred after smoking too many indica leaning hybrids. It was all dank weed, but too similar so it was without question.

A new terpene profile was in order. Time for the good old rotation!



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  • Hong Kong, China
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  • The Netherlands
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