Diamond Dab Distillate


Dab Distillate by diamond 5 flavors to choose from!!

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buy diamond dab pens overview

buy diamond dab pens Many of you might be asking what are dab pens? Fair question! Our beginners guide to dab pens and dabbing is for you. We’ve got a best dab pens section too If you just to know what’s worth buying. The vaping revolution has taken on many forms and taken smoking alternatives in many different directions. Those directions include more than just tobacco smoking. Medical marijuana patients are also avoiding combustion thanks to the technology of vapor products.

The popularity of dabbing is growing exponentially. Dry herb vaporizers are still the most popular choice for medical cannabis but dabbing is closing in. Even Pax Labs has gotten into the game. As we covered with our Pax 3 vaporizer review, the high-tech Pax now comes with an attachment that you can use for dabs.

buy diamond dab pens What Are Dabs?

A Medical Marijuana Dab From A DispensaryA natural question to ask! What are dabs? The dictionary defines a dab as a small amount of something. That definition does apply but only tells a small part of the story. When talking about vaping and dab pens, the word dabs means something else. Dabs are a concentrated form of medical marijuana with a very high THC content.

Dabs are not hash oil. Instead they are a brittle substance that look like bits of hardened honey. Dabs originally got their name because, yes they could be small, but because they were “dabbed” onto a hot surface so that the burned emissions could be inhaled. Because dabs are comprised almost entirely of the THC extracted from cannabis plants, the amount of THC that is delivered to the patient is much more than from smoking. For that reason the sensations that come from vaporizing dabs is very strong. In other words it hits you hard and fast!


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