Baby Jeeter pre rolls


Baby Jeeter pre-rolls Product Description

For those seeking a quick dose of pure power, Baby Jeeters are an easy choice. Each attractive jar comes with 5 mini prerolls that are 0.5g each, totaling 2.5g per jar.

Baby Jeeter Pre-rolls (not infused)

The non-infused Baby Jeeters is 0.35g each for a total of 1.75g of flower for five mini joints. No matter what,  these pocket-sized products will not disappoint on candy-like flavor and potentially sky-high effects.

Jeeter XL Pre-rolls Product Description

Jeeter XL 2 gram blunt. It features 2 grams of indoor-grown flower that’s infused with distillate oil and kief.  This is the kind of product that will keep you busy for upwards of 25-30 minutes if you’re smoking it alone

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